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Close Encounters of the Third Kind

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Roswell UFO Incident

The Roswell UFO Incident involves the recovery of materials near Roswell, New Mexico,
USA, on July 8, 1947, which since the late 1970s has become the subject of intense
speculation, rumor, and questioning. There are widely divergent views on what actually happened and
passionate debate about what evidence can be believed.

The United States military maintains that what was actually recovered was debris from an
experimental high-altitude surveillance balloon belonging to a classified program named "Mogul."

Many UFO proponents maintain that a crashed alien craft and bodies were recovered, and that
the military engaged in a cover-up. The incident has turned into a widely known pop culture
phenomenon, making the name Roswell synonymous with UFOs. It ranks as one of the most
publicized and controversial UFO incidents ever.

ufo encounters


The Kenneth Arnold sightings

The post World War II UFO phase in the United States began with a famous sighting by
American businessman Kenneth Arnold on June 24, 1947 while flying his private plane near
Mount Rainier, Washington. He reported seeing nine brilliantly bright objects flying across the face of Rainier.

Although there were other 1947 U.S. sightings of similar objects that preceded this, it was
Arnold's sighting that first received significant media attention and captured the public's imagination.
Arnold described what he saw as being "flat like a pie pan", "shaped like saucers and were so thin
I could barely see them… ", "half-moon shaped, oval in front and convex in the rear. … they looked like a big flat disk"
(see Arnold's drawing at right), and flew "like a saucer would if you skipped it across the water".
(One of the objects, however, he would describe later as crescent-shaped, as shown in illustration at left.)
Arnold’s descriptions were widely reported and within a few days gave rise to the terms flying saucer and flying disk.
Arnold’s sighting was followed in the next few weeks by hundreds of other reported sightings, mostly in the U.S.,
but in other countries as well.

After reports of the Arnold sighting hit the media, other cases began to be reported in increasing numbers.
In one instance a United Airlines crew sighting of nine more disc-like objects over Idaho on the evening of July 4.
At the time, this sighting was even more widely reported than Arnold’s and lent considerable credence to Arnold’s report.

American UFO researcher Ted Bloecher, in his comprehensive review of newspaper reports (including cases that preceded Arnold's),
found a sudden surge upwards in sightings on July 4, peaking on July 6–8. Bloecher noted that for the next few days
most American newspapers were filled with front-page stories of the new "flying saucers" or "flying discs".
Reports began to rapidly tail off after July 8, when officials began issuing press statements on the Roswell UFO incident,
in which they explained debris found on the ground by a rancher as being that of a weather balloon.

Over several years in the 1960s, Bloecher (aided by physicist James E. McDonald) discovered 853 flying disc sightings
that year from 140 newspapers from Canada, Washington D.C, and every U.S. state except Montana.

ufo encounters


Aleshenka was a small creature allegedly found in the village of Kaolinovy, near Kyshtym, Chelyabinsk in August, 1996.
Aleshenka was found by an old woman, Tamara Vasilievna Prosvirina, who was mentally ill.
The creature had an unusual appearance, giving rise to rumors of its extraterrestrial origin. The local population readily
supported this rumor, collecting easy money from reporters for interviews – at least two Japanese companies
(Asahi TV and MTV Japan) made documentaries about the creature.

ufo encounters

Gulf Breeze UFO incident

The Gulf Breeze UFO incident is a famous UFO sighting occurred on November 11, 1987 in Gulf Breeze, Florida that started a flap
of sightings that some Gulf Breeze residents claim still persists to this day.

Gulf Breeze was a small city of approximately 6,000 at the time of a wave of UFO sightings that began in late 1987.
News of high-quality UFO photos spread rapidly and world-wide, and became the subject of newspaper and magazine articles,
television talk shows and feature programs.

The "Gulf Breeze UFO Incident" most definitive evidence is a series of photographs and contact claims made by Ed Walters
that began, for him, on November 11, 1987. Walters reported and documented a series of UFO sightings over a period of three
The photographs of the craft were unusually clear and initially Walters' claims generated great excitement.

Over subsequent years, new evidence including the discovery of a model in a house once owned by Walters, similar to the UFOs
in his photographs, has shifted majority opinion to believe that Walters' photos of the 1987 sightings were a hoax.

Although Ed Walters was the nexus of the Gulf Breeze sightings, he was not the only person to claim a sighting.
According to, an estimated 200+ others came forward with sightings, videos and/or photographs during a
three-year period.

ufo encounters

The Ilkley Moor UFO

Philip Spencer, a policeman in London, moved to Ilkley Moor after leaving his job.  While getting some photographs of the moor,
he heard a humming sound and saw a small green creature, around four feet tall.
That creature moved away quickly and when Spencer shouted, it turned and waved an arm dismissively, which is when Spencer
said he took this photograph. 

It moved faster than a human.  He followed it and saw a huge silver saucer disappear into the clouds. 
He realized the humming sound was from the saucer.

Later, he realized that he lost more than two hours of his time and his compass also went haywire.  The picture was shown to
a UFO researcher and a thorough investigation started. Wildlife photography experts and Kodak laboratories revealed that it
was no animal and that the object was indeed part of the photo and not superimposed.

Spencer started having weird dreams and under hypnosis, he revealed a fascinating tale of being abducted by an alien and taken
aboard the craft and given a medical examination before being released.  Spencer could now remember that the picture was
taken after his release from the UFO.

One thing that makes the researchers confident that Spencer may not have set the whole thing up was due to the fact that he
never wanted publicity or money.

ufo encounters

Betty and Barney Hill abduction

Betty and Barney Hill were an American married couple who rose to fame after they claimed to have been
abducted by extraterrestrials on September 19–20, 1961.

The couple's story, commonly called the Hill Abduction, and occasionally the Zeta Reticuli Incident, was
that they were victims of a UFO abduction. Theirs was the first widely-publicized claim of alien abduction,
adapted into the best-selling 1966 book The Interrupted Journey and a television movie.

ufo encounters
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